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Dry Powder Food Coloring

We love our wide selection of dry powder food coloring. Shop our Dry Powder Food Coloring today!

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Edelaine's (discountcakedecoratingsupplies.com) knows that when special events come around you want to make the celebration memorable.

We know that you need different types of Food Coloring for products. As an example, you may be trying to reach a deep black color which is impossible to achieve with gel paste but with a dry powder TA DAH just what you were needing without over saturating and changing the taste of your scrumptious goodies.

Having trouble reaching a beautiful red color? Dry powders are your new go to plan.

We love dry powders because they are very versatile. They work great in many different foods.
  • Cake Batters
  • Icings - Royal, Buttercream, Whipped, Cream Cheese and many others
  • Chocolate and Candy Melts
  • Fondant

Why do we love dry powders so much?
  • They never go bad sitting on the shelf no need to worry about not using them right away.
  • They do not change the taste of your treats so you use as much as you need.
  • The color you see is the color you get it - does not need time to mature like gel paste so no worries of over-saturating with food coloring anymore.
  • You can get deep rich colors like black, navy, red and browns with ease.

While we love our gel paste food coloring and the great variety of colors we also love dry powders for those deep rich colors that are hard to get too.

We carry the highest quality food coloring and use them ourselves for all our special events. We know you will love our wide variety of colorings as much as we do.