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Cream Cheese Mint Molds

We love our cream cheese mint molds. These are the original yellow
mint molds very flexible and most often used to make the traditional cream cheese mints for Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, and any special event. Shop our Mint Molds today!
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Cream Cheese Mint Mold - Daisy Sunflower Daisy Flexible Mold - 1 Cavity Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Our Price: $3.26
15 in stock!
Cream Cheese Mint Mold - Roses Roses Flexible Mold - 1 Cavity Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days
Our Price: $3.26
14 in stock!
Edelaine's (discountcakedecoratingsupplies.com) knows that when special events come around you want to make the celebration memorable. Cream Cheese Mints have often been served as tasty treats to your guests as a way to thank them for coming an participating in your celebrations.

Our Mint Molds do not have to be exclusively used for cream cheese dough they can also be used with chocolate, fondant, cookie dough, butter and even soap. Just remember not to eat the one's made out of soap.

These are the original yellow, flexible mint molds that can last generation after generation. We have a wide selection. Whether you are wanting to make some mints for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, baby shower, wedding shower, christening, birthday party, graduation or just to have around for a yummy treat.

For your convenience, we have created Cream Cheese Mint Molds in various combination packs.
Traditional packs include molds Rose, Bell, Sunflower or Daisy, and Leaf. We also carry Calla Lily's, Western theme, Graduation theme, Communion theme mint molds.

We carry the highest quality mint molds and use them ourselves for all our special events. We know you will love these cream cheese mint molds as much as we do.